The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug

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100,000 & MOT

Tomorrow morning, I take Charlie in for her - wait for it - 100,000 mile service and MOT. When we bought that car - almost 4 years to the day - she had just under 20,000 on the clock... that works out at an average of 20,000 miles a year!! To think what we put that car through, she's done really well for us.

I'm sure she'll get through the MOT, but I am expecting her to fail first time on something totally trivial that takes 5 minutes and about £10 to rectify!

As it should only take a couple of hours to get the car sorted, I'll probably wait there until it's finished... saves getting a bus home and then back again shortly afterwards. So I'll be on MSN for most of tomorrow morning on my mobile account, for those who have it.
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