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The barbecue...

... happened, but I think I need some serious barbecuing tips from the barbecue master that is grumpydave. It was good, but it wasn't great. The weather held out nicely for the inaugural lighting ceremony of the instant-lighting charcoal bag.

Building the barbecue was fun, as was building the new table and chair that we got Amy as an Easter present. See moosical's post about that.

The box the barbecue came inThe box the barbecue came in
24kg warning on the side, recommending 2 person carry... wish it'd said that in the catalogue!!
The assembled barbecue - closedThe assembled barbecue - closed
The assembled barbecue - openThe assembled barbecue - open
The assembled barbecue - openThe assembled barbecue - open
Mmm, dinner...Mmm, dinner...
Veggie skewers, Quorn ribsters (one of which joined the charcoal), veggie quarter pounders

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