The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug

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Today, I went to Boots to drop off 6 35mm films for developing.

“35mm?” I hear you cry... “I thought you had a digital camera”

Well, I do... these films could be anything around 12 years old. I cannot remember what is on them, and I cannot remember with any accuracy how old they are.

I pre-warned the lass at Boots that I don’t know what’s on them, in case they contain any compromising images... I can’t be certain that they don’t, ‘cos I don’t remember what’s on them.

I’ll find out on Monday when I go and collect the CD’s... I didn’t want prints, only digital images. I’m really intrigued as to what’s on these films. I’ve moved house up to 6 times in the last 12 years, so it could be absolutely anything!!

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