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The Love Bug

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Mobile Post: Petrol station rant... [Dec. 31st, 2007|08:54 am]
The Love Bug
I had to fill up with petrol again this morning. £53. That's about the norm, so I'm not fussed about that.

I put my card in the PINpad, and the lass behind the counter said, "I'm going to have to try and swipe that as the pad isn't working." Fine, I thought... it happens.

Then she said, "I only hope it goes through, as we've been having connection problems today." NOW she tells me!

Slight pause for the machine to fail connection...

Then she says, "Look, I'm sorry. Is there any chance you can use the cash machine? This thing doesn't look like it's going to work."

Point 1 - Are you trying to tell me that you don't have any other way of accepting card payments other than through the online keypad system?

Point 2 - Why should I have to pay £1.85 to draw money out of a cash machine (oh, and that's a separate rant too) in reply to the shortfailings of your own systems?

Point 3 - What would have happened if someone only had a credit card on them and thus was unable/unwilling to use the cash machine? Would you have syphoned their petrol tank?

Point 4 - If you knew you had connection problems, why not put a sign out at the entrance or on the pumps saying that you couldn't accept cards?

Fortunately, you dealt with someone who was willing (on this occasion) to pay £54.85 for £53.00 worth of petrol... purely because I wanted to get to work, and I couldn't be arsed to be arsey.

Next time, you won't be so lucky. I'll even hold the syphon tube for you whilst you suck.

[User Picture]From: tazzy
2007-12-31 10:42 am (UTC)
Doh.. I thought they could still accept signing for funds it just means it is their risk rather than the banks.... If things screw up they prob should take the hit ...it isn't the customers fault after all...

(I had a similar prob at a petrol station in Donny a lil bit back)
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[User Picture]From: thelovebug
2007-12-31 01:39 pm (UTC)
Absolutely, I couldn't agree more.
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[User Picture]From: gloi
2007-12-31 01:05 pm (UTC)
I've had the occasional problem with my card not working with chip-and-pin and it turns out the retailer still has the option of giving you a slip to sign.

The problem with that is that if they let you sign then they are on the hook and will not get the money back if it's a fraudulent transaction, wheras the bank/card company have to pay the retailer regardless if it's chip-and-pin.

So, the petrol station did have an option, they just would prefer to make their customers pay more than take the risk themselves. I'd imagine that if you refused to get cash out then they'd do that rather than siphon you.
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[User Picture]From: thelovebug
2007-12-31 01:38 pm (UTC)
Indeed, I'm sure that you're right... but like I said, I couldn't really be arsed with them.
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