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The Shots... [Apr. 15th, 2008|10:36 pm]
The Love Bug
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Aldershot Town are on their way back to the Football League, 16 years after Aldershot FC went bankrupt and were forced to drop out of the League.

BBC Sport

I lived in Aldershot from 1984 through 1991, and Aldershot FC were the only football team I ever really supported, watching them plough their way through Division 4 and getting promoted to Division 3 in 1987, only to watch them get totally trampled on and relegated back to Division 4 in 1989. They nearly folded in 1990, but were “saved” by a teenage property developer in 1990 - I believe (but I am unable to confirm this) that this was fell flat on its arse, as the guy didn’t deliver on his promise, and indeed was declared bankrupt himself only a couple of years later. Anyway, Aldershot FC as we knew it ceased to exist in 1992.

Aldershot Town was formed in that same year by a dedicate group of supporters, and they’ve worked their way slowly up the leagues until today, when they guaranteed themselves first place in the Blue Square Premier League.

This is probably the break I’ve been looking for to get back into football again. I really enjoyed supporting Aldershot, and whilst I may not be able to get to their home games I may be able to get to the away games at Rotherham, Notts County and Mansfield (if the latter manage to save themselves from relegation, of course!)

[User Picture]From: novemberbug
2008-04-16 08:25 am (UTC)
Cool :-)
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