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Stupid Arse...

The air conditioning on my 206 has packed in. Starting from the top, I’m thinking, “oh, perhaps a fuse has gone”

So, I have a look in the fuse box but the fuse chart is missing, so I don’t know which fuse is which.

Using a system of logic, I have a look at the higher rated fuses and check that they look intact... and they did.

Continuing on this system of (apparently flawed) logic, I check the lower rated fuses in case it’s a logic system that’s failed. I see a fuse that doesn’t look right. I take the fuse out, but it’s ok. I’m about to put the fuse back, and...

... I drop it.

So, I pick it up again, and offer it to the fuse box, only to forget which bloody slot to put it back in to.


Time for a system check...

Lights ... ok
Ignition ... ok
Radio ... ok
Engine ... oh crap.

Cue frantic searching for a Haynes manual (which doesn’t show the position of the fuses), the official Peugeot handbook (which I can’t find), and Google (which is almost bloody useless in this particular example), until I eventually find some nice chap has scanned every page of the official 206CC handbook, including the fuse box!!

Ok, so I don’t have a 206CC, but I am fortunate enough that the fuse box layout is identical!!!

So I may not have a working aircon yet, but at least the rest of the car works again.

What a twit!
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