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Upgrade to Hardy...

I’m going to use this post to document my experience of upgrading from Ubuntu 7.10 Gusty to Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Hardy. I’ll be adding to this as and when.

Upgrade started and completed on Saturday 17 May 2008. Took approximately 3 hours from distribution upgrade start to final reboot.

Good Stuff

  • Firefox 3.0b5
    Font rendering is vastly improved.

  • Nautilus
    Issue of filesystem browsing hanging for no apparent reason seems to have fixed itself.

  • Rhythmbox
    Issue of UI freezing when using the hardware volume buttons seems to have fixed itself.
    Issue of UI taking minutes to stablise after first start seems to have fixed itself.

Issues - Solved

  • Firefox 3.0b5
    Issue with RBS Digital Banking not supporting 3.0b5.
    Fixed by forcing the useragent (through about:config) from Firefox/3.0b5 to Firefox/3.0

  • Audacity
    Issue with Audacity still not supporting PulseAudio.
    Fixed by keeping PulseAudio as default, but feeding Audacity thru JACK. Seems to like it, as long as I match the Audacity project rate to that of JACK - currently 48000.

Issues - Outstanding

  • Compiz
    Doesn’t seem to want to start, although only tried it the once.
    Not fussed about fixing this one, as I don’t really use it anyway.

  • Gnome - Keyboard Shortcuts
    Shortcuts ‘C-A-E’ (for Home Folder) and ‘C-A-F’ (for Find) don’t appear to work at the moment.

  • Firefox
    A number of extensions for Firefox 2 don’t work under Firefox 3. Obviously not much I can do about that.
    Google Gears - not fussed about that
    Mobile Barcoder - waiting for an upgrade, but won’t lose sleep over it
    AllInOne Gestures - found FireGestures as a replacement

General Observations

  • Nautilus
    Small (<20px) images get blown up in preview - looks butt-ugly!

  • PulseAudio
    Rather excited to see how I can use this to its full potential.

Tags: 8.04, hardy, ubuntu, upgrade

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