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Screenshots from the XO

You can click on any of the images below to see larger and full-size versions.

XO: The Home View
XO: The Home View
This is the home view - the hub of all activities within the XO.

In the centre of the screen is you - your XO logo in your own colours. From this logo, you can reboot and shutdown the XO.

Around the centre logo is the Activity Ring, showing the activities that are currently running. From the bottom going clockwise: the Journal (always running), and two Browse (internet) activities.

Underneath the Activity ring are the battery monitor and network icons.

Around the outside of the screen is the Frame. The frame disappears from view in every view except the Home and Neighbourhood Views, but can be recalled from any activity by moving the cursor to any corner of the screen.

The top of the Frame allows you to select your views. From left: Neighbourhood, Group, Home, Activities.

The bottom of the Frame is your list of Activities - this is the Windows equivalent of the Start Menu.

The left of the Frame is your Clipboard - anything you copy or cut will appear as an icon in this area.

The right of the Frame is something I've not worked out yet, but the icon at the top represents you. Under certain circumstances, other users XO logos will appear here.</td>

XO: The Neighbourhood View
XO: The Neighbourhood View
This view shows you a pictorial representation of your network.

XO logos are other XOs in your local area (or if not using the mesh, other users connected to the same Jabber server as you). My XO is right in the centre of the screen - orange in purple.

The circles are network access points. The orange one just to the right of me is our home network. The three orange in purple circles to the left of the screen are the 3 mesh network access points that the XO acts as itself. Any circles with locks on are secured networks that I don't have keys for.

Any other icons (like the speech bubble towards the bottom left) are Activities that are being shared by other users (in this case the owner of the smaller XO logo just to the right of the speech bubble). You can ask to be invited to these activities if they are being shared.

The idea is that the further away from you that an icon appears, the physically further away from you that entity is. As I'm not on a mesh network, the XO's you can see are randomly placed, however the access points are supposed to be spaced according to their signal strength.

XO: The Journal View
XO: The Journal View
This serves two main purposes:

1) An activity log. Everything that you do on the XO is logged, both for the benefit of you as a user, and also for the benefit of your teacher who can use the Journal to help chart your progress.

2) A file system. Everything saved within different Activities appears in the Journal - as you can see from the top item, which was a screenshot of the Neighbourhood View. If, for example, you upload a picture to Scrapbook (like I did), when you browse for a file you get to choose an item from the Journal.

XO Activity: Terminal
XO Activity: Terminal

This is effectively a straightforward terminal, running BASH. I've run a couple of basic commands to give you some info on the machine.

XO Activity: Record
XO Activity: Record

Ok, well this isn't actually the Activity itself, but when I tried to screenshot the Record Activity, I just got a dark green square where the camera preview should be. Overlays, I'm guessing. Anyway, the quality ain't too bad, if only slightly pixelated.

XO Activity: Browse
XO Activity: Browse

This is a cut-down version of Firefox. Apart from sites that use Flash or Java, it renders most webpages really well... as you can see from the front page of LiveJournal. What I found particularly clever is that the address bar at the top also doubles as the title bar - which I thought was a really good use of screen real estate.

I used the Browse Activity to upload these pictures (but not to annotate) so it certainly seems to work well!
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