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The Love Bug

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[mobile post] Amy's confidence... [Jul. 3rd, 2008|04:00 pm]
The Love Bug
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We're at Astrabound in Doncaster at the moment.

Ever since we have been coming here, I've seen Amy's confidence improve on each visit, but she's still been wary and perhaps just a little over-careful.

Today though, she's been absolutely everywhere in the Toddler Area (2-5 years) including the top levels, and almost everywhere in the Junior Area (5-12 years - it's been quiet with the older kids in school). Before, we'd have to coax, cajole and bribe her to go beyond the first level of the Toddler one, but now - so it appears - there's no stopping her.

It's so good to see, and it's also great that she's so willingly burning off all of her energy!


[User Picture]From: slooj
2008-07-04 08:40 am (UTC)
Aww, she sounds like Jacob, he was really timid on the play things to start with but he was soon whizzing around it all. :)
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