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"... and now I'm so confused, I don't know where I live or what my name is!"

The plan for this evening has been changed yet again! The original plan was to meet up with ukcamgirl, cuteblonde, Dave (Soundy) and moosical in Bromley, and then perhaps go for a meal or drink. Then I'd take moosical back home with me.

Then, I was gonna meet up with everyone in Bromley, where we'd just stay for a short while, and then I'd take moosical home. Then ukcamgirl and Dave (Soundy) we going to Birmingham to pick up a new computer.

Then, I was gonna meet up with everyone (except cuteblonde) somewhere else, 'cos they were going to pick up their computer earlier.

Now, I'm meeting ukcamgirl, Dave (get a journal!) and moosical here at Langley where we'll have a drink or two and then I'll take moosical home whilst ukcamgirl and Dave (it's so much easier) go up to Birmingham.

Oh well, at least moosical is with me for the next week :-)))
I must be doing something right!!

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