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Plan reaches fruition!!

Right, I've just had a phone call from moosical. She, ukcamgirl and cuteblonde have all had their respective tattoos done :-)

They, plus Dave (you got the hint yet?), are now on their way back from Bromley in Dave (no I don't think you have. Goodbye.) 's car and they're gonna meet me in the Willow in Langley when they get here ;-)

Any excuse for quick bevvie! LOL

Anyway, whilst I've been waiting for them to sort their self-mutilation out, I've been stuck here at work. You know, I could have gone to meet them in Bromley after all!!!!! LOL But if I had, I wouldn't have been able to write a piece of VBA in Access to mimick the drive listing in Explorer. :-))

btw, does anyone know of an ActiveX object, class or DLL that is already part of Windows/Office that will allow me to browse folders? I can't find one without getting a third party control... and I don't really wanna do that.

Anyhow, enough of me waffling, I suppose I'd better fill out my overtime claim!! <evil grin>

Can't wait for Moo to be here!! *bounces*

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