The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug

The Bugcast - Episode 024 - LIVE!

Oh man, that was just the most awesome experience... recording a show and broadcasting it live at the same time! Yeah, it was a bit messy... but I managed it all the same.

The after-show party was just amazing with loads of people hanging back for another hour and twenty just chatting and listening to choons.

I’m going to name everyone who was there (in no particular order):

moosical, alucard_uk, emsee, novemberbug, stainsteelrat, slooj, yumseta, flucked_up_girl, Mark Marshall, CrimsonSoul, Matt, Phil from work, crazybee

I think that’s everyone. If I forgot anyone, please tell me!

Thank you all. You guys made my evening.

The podcast for Bugcast 024 will be ready tomorrow evening (I’m too tired to do it now), and I’ll be doing another live broadcast next week at 21:00BST!
Tags: 024, bugcast, live, podcast

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