The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug

Birthday day! :o)

Well, I've had a great day today... done virtually nothing! :o)

Thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes by Facebook, on LiveJournal, by text, by post

And also for my gifts...

From moosical
WSSA - Super StackpackScience Museum - Strength BallSuperfly - Purple/WhiteSuperfly - White/Grey
Super Stackpack - Cup Stacking Set
Strength Ball
Superfly t-shirts: Purple/White and White/Grey
POD t-shirt

From the kids
Lush - Happy Hippy
Lush Happy Hippy shower gel

From stephaniewalker and grumpydave
Nintento DS - Sight Training
Sight Training for the DS

From my Dad & family

From my in-laws

Thank you all - you've made an old man very happy! :o)
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