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Hard Disk Upgrade...

Following on from this post from last week, my new 250GB hard drive arrived this afternoon.

Thus follows the simplest hardware upgrade I have ever had to perform.

  • Connected the 250GB using an external HDD caddy (with 2.5“ drive adapter)
  • Used gparted to partition the new drive
  • Booted laptop from LiveCD
  • dd‘d the data from /dev/sda1 (100GB) to /dev/sdb1 (250GB)
  • Ran fsck to fix the filesystem size
  • Edited /etc/fstab to put UUID’s in
  • Put 250GB into laptop, and rebooted
  • When nothing happened, I remembered that I’d forgotten to sort out grub
  • Booted laptop from LiveCD again
  • Installed grub into MBR
  • Rebooted laptop from HDD
  • Fell off my chair when it worked
This means that I can now send the laptop back for repair with the old 100GB hard drive in it... and I don’t really care whether they trash it or not, as I’ll be putting the 250GB back in when I get it back! It’ll still be interesting to see if they do wipe it.

Chuffed? You could say that! :o)
Tags: fsck, grub, hard drive, hardware, linux, upgrade
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