The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug

She's dead, Jim...

Our beloved 32“ LCD has gone pop. It’s not the fuse, I’ve checked that. But obviously she could’ne take anymore, cap’n.

Bit bloody annoying as it’s only 14 months since we bought it, but fortunately we had a 3 year warranty on it. In a marvellous twist of irony, it happened when I was looking for a music channel to play whilst we were sorting out some stuff... stuff that would have seen our old 28” CRT and the box that the 32“ LCD came in ending up at the tip.


Anyhoo, I’ve sent an email to the tech support people for the telly, as there’s no way I’m paying for a 090 number... I’d rather wait for an email reply, thanks.
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