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In: Twitter

As always I’m on the lookout for the best Twitter client for my laptop. I’ve been using Gwibber for a while, although it isn’t particularly feature-rich. Since Adobe released their most recent version of Air for Linux, I’ve entered a new world of online applications. So I’m currently messing around with Twitter clients like TweetDeck and Twhirl. So far, I’m really liking TweetDeck. And of course, I’m using (and have sponsored) PockeTwit for Windows Mobile phones.

Out: is another Twitter-like service, which is based on open standards. It’s a great service, which has proven to be more stable than Twitter of late. The only problem is that not many of my friends use at the moment, and those that do are on Twitter as well. So with there being little point in keeping it, I’ve stopped using it.

In: BBC iPlayer

With the new version of Adobe Air, the BBC have released a version of the iPlayer Desktop application for Linux. After a few failed attempts to get the application, and me having to fool the iPlayer download page that I was actually using Netscape on Vista, rather than Firefox on Linux (heh!), I’ve managed to download it - and the first two episode of the new series of Top Gear. Yes, the re-run of the new series on BBC Three! :oP

Out: ICQ

There was a time when ICQ was the primary messenger service amongst my group of friends, and I vowed never to yield to the devil that is MSN. As time went on, more and more people started to migrate to MSN... to the point where I have about 150 contacts on MSN, about 300 contacts on ICQ, but I haven't actually used ICQ for about 3 years. So that's gone too! :o)
Tags: adobe air, air, bbc iplayer, gwibber,, iplayer, pocketwit, tweetdeck, twhirl, twitter

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