The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug

Two posts... in one day...? How??

I'm not posting much at the moment. That's probably Twitter's fault. The only posts over the last month are Twitter summaries and Bugcast notifications!!


I'm in a hotel room using free wi-fi. Yes, I know that's unusual as you don't often get free wi-fi in hotels... but I'm noot using the hotel's supplied access point.

Let me explain...

I've got my Eee... which is wi-fi enabled.
I've got my phone... which is 3G enabled, but also has wi-fi capability.
So, I've turned my phone into a wi-fi access point, using it's own data connection (gotta love T-Mobile's data plans), and I've got my Eee connected to that access point.

Yeah, it's not particularly fast, but it's a good, solid 3G signal so very usable.

Tags: 3g, eee, geek, mobile, t-mobile, wifi
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