The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug

The bits you missed out on...

Here are the posts that I made to my Twitter in the last 24 hours that you may have missed...

20:31 The Bugcast episode 053 broadcasting live at 21:00 tonight! Great music, podcast promos, and competition reminder! #

01:04 the bugcast - episode 053 #

09:07 Mark Marshall's Four For 4 Project launches on April 1. Be a part of it, I am! Video trailer: #

10:09 RT @msmobiles: The biggest mistake of Microsoft in mobility in the year 2009 ! : - yet another reason to dump WinMobile! #

10:11 I like going to the People You May Know page on Facebook, and finding people with mutual friends in completely different social circles! #

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