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For those of you who didn't read moosical's post about my grandmother, let me recap and update.

My mum went to visit my grandmother on Wednesday afternoon, only to find her slumped on the floor. She called for an ambulance and she was taken to Wexham Park. On Wednesday evening it was diagnosed that she had a urinary infection. She was very disorientated and confused, which apparently fits the symptoms for such an infection. However, additional blood tests were being done.

I called the hospital on Thursday afternoon to find out how she was, and nothing much had changed however things looked a bit more positive than they had. I met up with Mum later that evening, and Avis (my aunt - although never tell her I called her that, she hates it! <g>) gave us an update, saying the results of the blood tests had come back and that she'd actually had quite a major heart attack :-( moosical and I had already made the decision that we will go and see her tomorrow (Friday) evening, although we were well aware that she would most likely not know who we were. we were prepared for that.

Friday (today)
The idea today was to wait for moosical to arrive at my work, then we'd go straight to Wexham Park for see Grandma before setting off to see the in-laws. That was before Paul (my step-dad) called me to update me on the days happenings. Basically, she has pneumonia and an infection that they can't locate. It really a case of trying to work out what is going to fail first - her heart or her lungs. The doctors say that it's only a matter of hours or days before the inevitable happens.

Mum, Paul, Kay (my sister) and Avis are there at the hospital at the moment - although Kay couldn't stay there any longer, bless her. So Paul has taken her home, and Mum and Avis are still with Grandma. I'm waiting for moosical to arrive and then we'll go straight to the hospital too.

Mum and Avis were due to be going to Ireland for a few days. moosical and I were due to be going to Conisbrough for a couple of days.

We don't know what is happening now.

For those of you that have faith, please pray for my grandma and her family. We need a lot of strength right now.
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