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The Love Bug

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The bits you missed out on... [Apr. 4th, 2009|08:03 pm]
The Love Bug
Here are the posts that I made to my Twitter in the last 24 hours that you may have missed...

23:03 Edwinstowe High Street. It's quite chilly! Pic: twitpic.com/2s5dh #

06:29 RT @mark_marshall: 24 hours left of free Four For 4 - and a free MP3 - four.markmarshall.com/?p=140 #

08:49 I've become a brand-whore... here are the contents of my washbag: twitpic.com/2sxhc #

11:36 I'm not available for the #podcrawl Skype call later, which is a shame. #

16:09 Bridlington speedboat.
Pic: twitpic.com/2t9yt
GPS: is.gd/qJgC #

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