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Hospital Update [Aug. 10th, 2001|08:43 pm]
The Love Bug
[Current Mood |worriedworried]

(written at time stated, posted in batch)

We've been in the Assesment Unit here at Wexham Park for nearly two hours. Seeing Grandma the way she was, was quite disturbing. It was (and still is) very difficult to accept that it was my mothers mother lying on that bed. Her heart rate is very quickly varying betwen 80bpm and 105 bpm, causing a kind of kangeroo concern.

Will update later.

Oh, and no I'm not on the net at the hospital. I'm using the Avantgo LiveJournal client on my iPaq, which will upload all these posts at the same time when I next synchronise. (I'll add the URL when I get home)