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My email of complaint to Nottingham City Transport... [Jun. 17th, 2009|08:22 pm]
The Love Bug
I was very aggravated when I sent this, but I thought it came across rather mild.

To: travelcentre@nctx.co.uk
From: dave.lee@xxxxxxxx.com
Subject: Complaint...

Good morning,

I wish to make a complaint about one of your drivers. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a name however it was the driver of the 08:52 Citylink 1 departure from the Queen’s Drive Park & Ride site.

As I boarded the bus at the P&R, I was carrying an open soft drink can and wearing headphones. Apparently, the driver tried to attract my attention shortly after I showed him my security pass, however because I was wearing my headphones, I couldn’t hear him. Fair enough, that was my fault. Once everyone had boarded the bus, he then came down the bus towards me and said, “Can you finish that?” in a fairly curt manner. I clearly wasn’t going to be able to drain a half-can in one go, so I asked him if there was a bin. He pointed out the bin by the stop, so I dropped the can in the bin and boarded the bus again. Now, I feel he could have dealt with that situation with a little more subtlety, rather than drawing me to the attention of half a bus load of passengers. But I certainly wasn’t in the mind to raise a complaint about that specifically.

On the journey to the xxxxxxxx stop, I scanned around the bus looking for signage to indicate that I couldn’t bring a can onto the bus, but I couldn’t see one. So as I got off the bus, I suggested to the driver that NCT might want to consider putting signs up regarding open cans on the bus. You see, I didn’t see any harm in carrying a drink. It was a soft drink, and I was dressed in full work attire, so I hardly think I would have been considered a “risk” case.

After leaning towards me and asking me to repeat myself, which in itself I found quite intimidating, he then proceeded to tell me about how in his 30 years of driving there has always been a ban on eating and drinking on the buses. I said that was a fair point, but still it would be a good idea to put up signs about it. I also said to him that there was no need to be “that way” about it – “that way” meaning aggressive and sarcastic – I don’t remember his response to that, but I do remember that I didn’t appreciate it. I left that bus feeling absolutely livid.

Whilst I appreciate that I’m getting the service to use the Park & Ride to and from my place of work free of charge, I certainly don’t expect to be spoken to like that by one of your drivers. Not only did he belittle me in front of half a bus full of other passengers, he was rude towards me and that is not acceptable in any environment.

I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,
Dave Lee