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New (and proposed) gadgets...

New Gadget

Samsung LE530 32'' 1080p Television

Yeah baby, a new telly!

Samsung LE530 32" 1080p LCD - sex on a stand. We got an awesome deal with John Lewis for this telly - £399 including a 5 year warranty. We searched and searched, and couldn't find a deal as good as this.

Next up, Sky+HD... but only once they drop their £9.75/month HD subscription!!

In the process of getting everything wired up - knowing that the telly only has one SCART socket, having already bought a SCART switcher to accommodate this, and seeing that the signal loss through the switcher was quite harsh - we realised that our PS2 also serves as a fairly decent DVD player. With the PS2 going into the telly through phono sockets, the Wii through component, and the Sky+ box through SCART, it kinda occurred to us that we don't actually need a separate DVD player any more - so there's one less SCART socket needed. Our final device is a VCR, which we're keeping for historical reasons, and the ceiling high pile of VHS cassettes that we haven't replaced with DVD yet! So ultimately, we have a Sony DVD Player and a Sony VCR which are now effectively redundant.

Any takers? All reasonable offers considered. ;o)

Proposed Gadgets

Behringer Xenyx 802 MixerBehringer C-1 Condenser Microphone

A Behringer Xenyx 802 Mixer and 2 Behringer C-1 Condenser Microphones.

I've been podcasting for nearly 18 months now, and I've been using the same kit since I started. A laptop and a headset. I always thought that the quality from that headset was excellent, and I never had any complaint about the audio quality. That is until last week. I contributed some audio towards a promo for the Association of Music Podcasting. You can listen to it here. You can tell which part is me from a mile off, because my audio is so much brighter and... well... tinnier than everyone else's. With one exception, but his audio is pretty lo-fi anyway.

Anyhoo, it made me very much aware that if I'm going to take this podcasting lark seriously (and I am trying to) then I need to make a bit of effort in my production quality. I've had recommendations from a number of people on the mixer, and I've chosen the mics based on research and the reputation of Behringer. The reason for buying 2 mics? It would appear as though Caroline has attracted a following on The Bugcast, and she seems quite keen on co-hosting with me! :o)

I haven't bought these yet: I'm waiting on a quotation from one of my suppliers, to compare against a quotation I've had from an online dealer, before I make my decision who I'm going to buy from.

Supplier? Dealer? Sounds like a drug deal!!
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