The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug

The Happening

Just started watching The Happening, the latest film by the highly-talented M Night Shyamalan.

Unfortunately, this film is yet another in the continuing trend of films that are trying to blur the line between fantasy and reality, to the point of making me feel physically sick at one point. I’m not going to explain what I saw to make me feel this way... even thinking about it makes me feel ill.

But I tell you this, if films keep going this way, then I think the film studios are going to have problems going forwards. If they affect me - and I think I’m quite strong stomached - who knows what they’ll do to others... particularly those who stumble across films like this by accident.

Now, I still maintain that Shyamalan is a first-rate writer and director, his earlier films are testament to this... but, oh I dunno.

We’re watching something else now :o)
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