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Our weekend...

Wow, what an amazing weekend we had.

Saturday was relatively uneventful, mostly staying in but popping to the shops in the afternoon.

We started Sunday by going to our local swimming baths. We hadn’t been for quite some time, so we knew that it would be fairly hard work with both kids. Both Amy and Cara were cautious at first, but after an hour or so they were both being fairly adventurous and in a couple of cases quite reckless, resulting in noses full of water, very wet hair and coughing fits. The crazy thing about that, is that even after they had recovered from their coughing fits, they went and did the same things again!! Kids, eh? We’ve made a decision that we are going to make a trip to the swimming baths part of our Sunday routine. I’m sure that if you search back on my journal, you’ll find me saying that before!

Actually, it would appear as though I didn’t say that before, but I did find the last entry relating to swimming, and it was last February!!!

Anyhoo... from the swimming baths, we had a (very late) meal at the Earl Of Strafford. It was there that Amy first showed signs of being tetchy. After the meal, both kids spent some time on the play area in the pub’s garden.

Because it was about 16:00 by this time, and church was at 18:00, Caroline came up with the idea of going to Thrybergh Country Park, which is only a mile from the Earl Of Strafford. I’ve never been there, and Caroline hadn’t been there since childhood, so it seemed a good opportunity... particularly as the weather was really good. As soon as we arrived (and found a Pay & Display machine that was actually working) we headed to the shop to get some feed for the geese, ducks and swans. We led the kids down to the lakeside to feed them. Amy was a bit more adventurous, and got her leg nipped in the process. For some reason she lost her sense of adventure after that point! Once the feed had gone, and we’d dipped the kids shoes into the lake to remove the copious quantities of bird poo that they’d managed to tread in, we started on the round-the-lake walk. We knew we wouldn’t be able to walk all the way around in the time available, so we just picked an arbitrary spot and said that’s where we’d turn around and come back. Amy was getting really grouchy and just generally contrary, even to the point of throwing a couple of tantrums - and Amy doesn’t usually do tantrums! On the way back to the car, the kids insisted on playing in the older kids play area for a while, which didn’t really do much for either kids mood as we were trying to explain that the area was designed for children much older than them.

So we left there at about 17:30 and headed straight to church, getting there about 20 minutes early. A change, for certain, as we’re usually late!! Both kids were amazingly tired, and played up quite a bit... even to the point where Ian, the minister, had to ask Amy to keep her voice down. He has never had to do that before, and Amy isn’t exactly a quiet child... so that gives you some idea of how much she was playing up. Anyway, through screaming and tears, we left the church before the service ended.

Both kids were very sedate when we got home, and they watched a bit of telly peacefully (which is unheard of!) before going to bed with absolutely no problems whatsoever.

So yes, I think we pushed them well beyond their limits. Bless them.

This leads us to today. Caroline is working, and I’m not... so I have the kids all day. They’ve enjoyed a couple of films this morning, and just had their lunch. We’re going to pop to Maplins so that I can pick up a couple of things, and then we’re going to pick up Caroline from work.
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