The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug

New kit and an audio project...

I am just uploading the final part of a 2-part project for a friend. The project involved producing a “radio show” for their 10 year wedding anniversary. It’s been 2 weeks in the making, and I’m really quite chuffed with it.

I made use of my new recording kit - that arrived this morning - to produce the vocal parts, and although I need to do some serious tweaking, it’s a vast improvement on my headset mic!

As I was putting the final mix together this afternoon, I nearly jacked it all in... and I was that close to texting my friend to say I couldn’t do it in time. But I persevered, and all of a sudden, my brain kicked in and everything became crystal clear. Once I had that moment, I finished the whole thing in about 4 hours!!

The final product contains an hour of music and no talk, two tracks that were number 1 from both of their birthdates, an ‘Our Tune’ style segment based on the story of how they got together, and then a Top 10 countdown of the charts of this week, 10 years ago.

It was immense fun to do, and I’d love to try something like that again :o)
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