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The Love Bug

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Getting To Know You #2: My Blog and Social Networking Links... [Sep. 16th, 2009|06:54 pm]
The Love Bug
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Part 2 of my Getting To Know You series.

I thought I’d put a quick post letting people know where I am in the grand scheme of the Internet.

Primary Blog and Social Networking sites
LiveJournal: [info]thelovebug
Facebook: facebook.com/thelovebug
Twitter: twitter.com/thelovebug
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/daveilee

Lesser-used Blog and Social Networking sites - mostly geeky stuff
Dreamwidth: [info - personal] thelovebug
identi.ca: identi.ca/thelovebug

The Bugcast
Website: thebugcast.org
LiveJournal Feed: [info]thebugcast
Twitter: twitter.com/thebugcast
Facebook Fan Page: The Bugcast