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Morning! ;-)

Looks like we're gonna go for my grandmothers house after all. There is a lot of work that needs doing, but I think it'll be worth it :-)

I'm going to put my car in for a service tomorrow, and then get an MOT on it. The tax disc runs out in 4 days, and I don't have a valid MOT. Erk!!

I had an absolutely fantastic night on IRC last night... thanks you guys :-)

Because I took last Friday off to look after Moo, I've not been at work for 4 days... I hope everything is ok! LOL Oh, and it's the wonderful weekend load starting Friday! Hmmm, what fun :-\ We found out what it was that turned a 4 hour process into a 40 hour process (following on from last months file load). It was the virus checking software. Can you believe that????

'nuff for now... will post later :-)
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