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It's been a good day :-)

Today has been a good day, bar a few small things.

I celebrated my 10,592nd day aboard this earth. Yup, 29 today! :-)
I've had loads of birthday wishes from loads of people... I'm not going to list them all, in case I miss one out by mistake... but you know who you all are, and you're all great :-)

Had loads of pressies: alcohol and money and other great stuff :-)

One of the small not-good things, is that someone tried to accuse me of something that was not my fault today, and no matter how much I tried to explain the truth to them, they just weren't in the frame of mind to listen to me. Their loss I suppose.

Anyway, I refuse to let it bother me, not on my birthday, not on any day.

No-one on earth can judge me... I know I told the truth... and all others that matter do too.
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