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The End of an Era...

Got my payslip this morning... tried to get payslips for the rest of my permanent staff... got told, "I've given them to Ilkay."... remembered that I'm not their manager anymore.

That's it... I have no permanent staff reporting in to me now.

The end of an era, and the start of what looks to be a continual flow of, "Oh look what the new manager can do. Why couldn't you do that?" etc etc

Do I care?? I should, but I just can't be arsed. Time to move on, I suppose :-)

I still have the pang of no longer being involved in a department that I virtually built up, but...

I have my job, the remainder of my department, the two projects that I'm working on, and progression in 6 months time into a department that I really want to be in.

Am I happy?

You bet your fur!!!!
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