The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug

Hewwo :-)

Well, I get on here, and look at my journal, etc, and what do I find??

Cwissy has a LiveJournal!! Bless him ;-)

It's been an.... errr..... "interesting" day today - with meetings to attend and loads of work to do - and actually getting them all done!!! Are you impressed? I was! <g>

Well, I am going to housegroup tonight, and Moo is out on the razzle tonight. Girlies night out, and all that - which means she'll prolly gett ratted an miss her bus!! <g> But she's commissioned me to SMS her at 21:40 to remind her to get her bus should she forget!!!!! Class, huh? :-)

She's mad, but I love her :-))

Right, enough of this, time to nose at other people's journals! Byeeee! :-))

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