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The Love Bug

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[Nov. 28th, 2001|09:55 am]
The Love Bug

I am 82.5% British
Take the Brit Quiz at

Ohhh yes! :-)

From: glimmeringfiwa
2001-11-28 09:34 am (UTC)
sorry to bother you, i really don't know how many questions a day you get from annoying people like me, but you seemed the person to ask...I am trying to change all the font and background colors of my journal. I know what I want them to be, but the problem I am having is with the names of everything on my page...I have tried to use process of elimination in guessing what these functions are, but that just gets me more confused.

Page Background
Page Text
Page Link
Page Visited Link
Page Active Link
Page emphasized text
Page title
Weak accent
Text on weak accent
Strong accent
Text on strong accent
Stronger Accent
Text on stronger accent

Now, some of those titles are common sense and I have figured them out, but other like the 'accents' have me lost. Right now my page looks like hell and 5 minutes ago it was completely blue, no text or anything...it is probably something so simple I will end up kicking myself when I foind out, but right now I am in a rut!!

Another question...is it possible to post the colors we are able to use (and maybe their number codes, too) next to the part where we can modify our joiurnal and change the page colors?

Thank you so much, and if you think my questions should be redirected to someone else, please let me know.

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