The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug

A very Merry Christmas from Malta! :-)

I've not updated for a while, so here is the last 6 days, in brief.

Thursday 20 December 2001
We did very little this morning, slept in late! :-) It was a bit rainy in the afternoon, so Caroline suggested that we jump on a bus to Sliema. The weather didn't improve, and to add insult to injury we also got a bit lost - but not much! Shopped in Dorothy Perkins, Next, River Island, and walked past McDonalds, Burger King & Pizza Hut before catching the bus back to Qawra.

Friday 21 December 2001
Another late morning! <g> We went to the laundry today and did a couple loads of washing, with the intention to then go to Dingli Cliffs to watch the sun go down. Apparently the sunsets there are quite phenomenal. But we got there too late. But we made up for it by driving down someone's private driveway before realising it was private... and then finding out that there was nowhere to turn around, and the driveway was bearly wide enough for the car! LOL

Saturday 22 December 2001
This afternoon we did catch the sunset, and it was absolutely fan-bloody-tastic!! (pictures available when we return) Watching the sun go down over the Mediterranian is very romantic. :-) This evening we finally met up with Tim (NickDngr), and he's a top bloke! We were in the bar chatting and drinking until gone 1am!! LOL

Sunday 23 December 2001
We jumped on a bus this afternoon (after yet another lie in!) and went into Valletta to try and catch the Sunday market. But we missed it! :-/ Damn Caroline being so cuddly in bed!! :-P

Monday 24 December 2001
This afternoon (... Yes!...) we took a walk into Bugibba, finding a nice cafe on the way that actually catered for vegetarians! :-o Nice food too :-) Then we visited a couple of shops and actually spent money on something useful! So, walking out with 6 "Malta" t-shirts... LOL And I found an absolutely brilliant looking "Jack Daniels" watch, which I'll no doubt be buying before we leave! :-D

We went to the bar in the evening, with Gloria, Tony and Tim, with the intention of being there until Christmas Day. But Caroline wasn't feeling too great, and I wasn't in the mood for a total piss-up, so we came back for an early night.

Tuesday 25 December 2001
This afternoon (... don't...) we went to see Gloria & Tony for an absolutely fantastic Christmas Day. The dinner was fantastic, and the company was even better :-) Thanks you two!! *hugs*

And now?
We're in bed, waiting to watch Misery on Living. Yep, UK telly channels in Malta. How cool!!!



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